The Demand for Proton Therapy
Why New York

Why Invest in the New York Proton Regional Center?
Unlike other Regional Centers that focus on Real Estate projects like the construction of condominium complexes, resorts, hotels, casinos, shopping malls and stadiums, our project is not as dependent on the US economy to generate revenue.
The healthcare industry is typically recession proof. There are over 260 million insured lives located in the United States and our facility will derive a high percentage of its revenue from commercial insurance companies and other government subsidized programs.
New York Proton Regional Center has a dynamic structure that includes EB-5 funding stability and secured job creation demanded by United States Customs and Immigration Services ("USCIS"). We also have a clearly defined exit strategy for investors. 
New York Proton Regional Center is located in the heart of New York City, which is a major financial and cultural capital, as well as home to a number of world-renowned medical institutions. People come to New York City in search of unmatched medical care from all over the world
The investor's EB-5 funds are held in a protected bank escrow account until the I-526 conditional green card petition has been approved.
We also provide to the investor and spouse a full PET/CT body scan.

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Proton radiation treatment differs from standard radiation therapy. If given in sufficient doses, conventional radiation therapy techniques will control many cancers. However, because of the physician's inability to adequately conform the irradiation pattern to the cancer, healthy tissues may be damaged with radiation.
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Proton Brings Hope
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